The Neopet Code

The Neopet Code is a fun way to put a lot of information about your Neopet into one single line of text. Instead of writing a paragraph long description about your Neopet (on, you can condense all of that information into one line of text. Think of the Neopet Code as a "Secret Code" aimed generally at people who Role Play as their Neopets in Neoboards and Roleplay Guilds. When you write out your code using it and give it to another player, they must use this page to "Decode" it and figure things out about your NeoPet.

Decoding a Neopet Code

To decode a Neopet Code, you must use this page as a decoder. Each part of a person's Neopet Code (if done correctly), can be explained by comparing it to the Code Key on this site. Here is an example of a completed Neopet Code:


  • NC= signifies the beginning of the Neopet Code.
  • Nlu means that SpectraDevil is a Lupe.
  • Sf means that SpectraDevil is a female
  • W6 means that she is roleplayed in both Quad and Anthro forms.
  • Dn is SpectraDevil's diet, which means: "I eat noobies. Are you one? *licks lips*"
  • Etc.

Got it yet? It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Some people have even managed to memorize some of the Code off by heart, believe it or not!

Getting Started

So do you feel up to making your own yet? Open up NotePad, Sublime, VS Code, or some other text editor and use it to copy (highlight the code and press Ctrl+C) & paste (Ctrl+V) the pieces of Code as you go along.

Code What the particular part of code means.

Once you are finished you will have a line of code of your own to describe your Neopet. Please remember to link back so that other people may find this site and decode your Neopet Codes! Thanks!

Start Here

NC= To signify the beginning of the Neopet Code.

Your Neopet's Species

Nai Aisha Nac Acara Nblu Blumaroo Nbor Bori Nbr Bruce
Nbuz Buzz Nchi Chia Ncho Chomby Ncy Cybunny Ndra Draik
Nel Elephante Neyr Eyrie Nflo Flotsam Ngel Gelert Ngu Gnorbu
Ngr Grarrl Ngrn Grundo Nhis Hissi Nix Ixi Njet Jetsam
Njib JubJub Nka Kacheek Nku Kau Nkik Kiko Nkoi Koi
Nkor Korbat Nko Kougra Nkra Krawk Nkyr Kyrii Nlen Lenny
Nlu Lupe Nlut Lutari Nme Meerca Nmoe Moehog Nmy Mynci
Nni Nimmo Nogr Ogrin Npeo Peophin Npte Pteri Npo Poogle
Nqui Quiggle Nruk Ruki Nsco Scorchio Nsh Shoyru Nske Skeith
Ntec Techo Nton Tonu Ntus Tuskaninny Nun Uni Nus Usul
Nxwe Xweetok Nwoc Wocky Nyur Yurble Nza Zafara
Nlab[] Lab Pet. In the squared brackets, please specify your Neopets original species, or what you hope it'll change into.
Nhyb Hybrid - A mix of one or more species of Neopet

Your Neopet's Gender

Sm Male
Sf Female
Sc Changes (Lab pet)
Sh A little of both; gender fluid
Sn None; neither
Su Unknown

Roleplay Form

W2 Anthro. You prefer to roleplay this Neopet in their anthropomorphic form. Eg. Kanrik, Jeran, Lord Kass, etc.
W4 Quad. You prefer to roleplay this Neopet in their quad form.
W6 Both. You do not mind roleplaying in either quad or anthro forms.

Your Neopet's Diet

D--- Strictly vegetarian.
D-- Mainly plants, but sometimes a few crunchy bugs.
D- Eh... I live exclusively off of sugar and candy coated treats.
D I'm an omnivore. A little bit of everything. ^_^
D† Mm... fresh meat.
D†† 100% raw/diced/sliced/pineapple/blueberry/ect CHIA!!!!11eleven
D††† Red water...
D! You look good... May I eat you?! *leaps!*
D!! Pocket lint and toe jam, wanna taste?
Dd Donuts. (*cackles* domination here we come...)
Dm Muffins. (Plotting? Who said anything about plotting?)
Dr Ronuts. (Can't we all just get along?)
Dn I eat noobies. Are you one? *licks lips*
D[] *other, specify what within the squared brackets.

Your Neopet's Colour


Cali Alien Capp Apple Casp Asparagus Caub Aubergine Cavo Avocado Cbay Baby
Cbis Biscuit Cblu Blue Cbby Blueberry Cbrn Brown Cflage Camouflage Carr Carrot
Chk Checkered Choc Chocolate Chok Chokato Cxms Christmas Clay Clay Csky Cloud
Coco Coconut Cust Custard Cdar Darigan Cdes Desert Cdis Disco Cdur Durian
Czap Electric Cfly Faerie Cfym Fire* Cgar Garlic Cgho Ghost Cglo Glowing
Cld Gold Cgb Gooseberry Cgrp Grape Cg Green Cgry Grey Chal Halloween
Cice Ice Cinv Invisible Cisl Island Cjel Jelly Clem Lemon Cli Lime
Cmlo Mallow Cmara Maraquan Cmsp Msp Cmut Mutant Coni Onion Cora Orange
Cpea Pea Cpch Peach Cper Pear Cpep Pepper Cppl Pineapple Cpin Pink
Carr Pirate Cplm Plum Cplu Plushie Cpur Purple Cqui Quiguki Cbow Rainbow
Cr Red Cmec Robot Croy Royal Cblk Shadow Csil Silver Cskt Sketch
Cknk Skunk Cmuc Snot Csn Snow Cspk Speckled Chaf Split Cspg Sponge
Cspt Spotted Cstr Starry* Cstb Strawberry Csti Striped Cthn Thornberry Ctmo Tomato
Ctyr Tyrannian Cusu Usuki Cwyt White Cy Yellow Czom Zombie Cbit 8-bit
Cagu Agueena Cbur Burlap Cdim Dimensional Celd Elderly Cevn Eventide Cmag Magma
Cmar Maracite Cmbl Marble Cmos Mosiac Coil Oilpaint Corg Origami Cpst Pastel
Cdot Polkadot Crel Relic Csty Stealthy Cstmk Steampunk Csgas Swampgas Ctoy Toy
Ctsp Transparent Cugn Ummagine Cwat Water Cwoo Woodland Cwra Wraith
C[] If other, please insert the name of the colour inside of the square brackets.

Note: Colours marked with asterisks (*), have special colour modifiers which may be found later on in the Neopet Code.

Your Neopet's Colour Modifier

smg Smooth and well groomed
avg Fairly average when it comes to looks
spk Spiky
rgd Rugged
trn Battle torn
pu What do you mean I smell?
ick Oh that? That was last month's lunch.
nfr No fur
sca Scales
...[] I have spots! Specify the colour of them in the squared brackets.
Example: ...[purple]
|||[] Rarr! I have stripes like a tiger! Specify their colour in the squared brackets.

* Fire Modifier: Use only if your Neopet is painted Fire

u[] Insert colour of flames in the square brackets.
Example: u[pink]

* Stars Modifier: Use only if your Neopet is painted Starry

ar[] Insert colour of stars in the square brackets.
Example: ar[green]

Your Neopet's Eye Colour

Eblu Blue
Eblk Black
Ebrn Brown
Ehaz Hazel
Epur Purple
Epin Pink
Eg Green
Eorn Orange
Ey Yellow
Eam Amber
Er Red
Esvr Silver
Ewyt White
Ech Changes colours
E[] If other, please specify the colour within the squared brackets.

Eye Details

pl Pupil-less; solid colour
slt Slitted
bir[]l[] Bi-coloured. Put the colour of your Neopet's right eye in the first set of squared brackets and the colour of their left eye in the second set of squared brackets.
Example: bir[red]l[orange]
dk Dark
lt Light
gl Glowing
bn Blind in one eye or both


Ap Pup; child; newborn; hatchling
Aa Adolescent; teenager
Adt Adult
Ald Old and geezerish
Au Unknown
Asl Ageless
Aim Foolish question, mortal! (immortal)
Amort Dead; deceased
Apir Undead and/or vampiric


T--- I'm an all-around friendly Neopet.=b
T-- I'm nice... but if you mess with my friends... *snarls*
T- A grump... hmph!
T I'm fairly normal.
T† Go away.
T~ I'm rather withdrawn and like to keep to myself.
T†† See these claws? Better run kid...
T††† I hate you all. *mutters*
T! I have a VERY STRONG affinity for red water.
T? Yeah, I'm know I'm weird. What's it to you?
T?! Heh... heh... the underwear stealing lawn gnomes are coming. What was that Mr. Arnold Pancake?
T??! DOOM! *breaks into the Doom song*
T^ I'm shy... *looks down at the ground*
T^^ I'm maybe just a little too friendly... XDDDDD
T^! I'm so nice, that I'm bound to get on your nerves!
T^!! I was vain once, but now I'm perfect.
T^++ I've got a lot of different sides... or at least that's what I told myself.

Sanity Level

Beyond weird for certain... but still awesome.
Lev[] Rate your Neopet's sanity level on a scale from one to ten. 1=Completely Sane, 10=Beyond Weird.
Example: Lev[8]


Mrth Earth
Mfyr Fire
Mh2o Water
Mayr Air
Mtme Time manipulation
Mlin Lightning
Mblk Darkness; black magic
Mwyt Light; white magic; pure; healing
Mpsy Psychic; telekinesis; telepathy
Mice Ice
Mall I know all forms of magic.
M[] If other, please specify in the square brackets. If your Neopet doesn't know any magic, write "M[none]"


Hpl I have one or more piercings in my left ear.
Hpr I have one or more piercings in my right ear.
Hplr I have one or more piercings in both of my ears.
Hbp I have my bellybutton pierced.
Heb I have one or more eyebrow piercings.
Hpe I have practically everything on me pierced. (Ouch!)
Ifwn I have feathered wings.
Iswn I have scaled;demon;dragon wings.
Ibwn I have butterfly wings.
;;[] I have (a) scar(s). Specify where in the squared brackets.
Example: ;;[over right eye]
Velf I have Elvish ears!
Vpoi Pointy ears, have I do.
Vhor Squee.... I have horns, watch out! Evil incarnate!
Vtus I have tusks!
Vdef I'm deaf in one ear or both
Vmte I'm mute (can't speak).
Vgls I wear glasses, 'cause I'm totally cool like that..
Vflo *sings* Do your ears hang low? Mine do... they're floppy.
V[] If your pet has other add-ons/accessories, please specify in the square brackets.

Group Affiliation

Group Affiliation
G[] Insert the name of your Neopet's pack, group, guild, etc. or it's acronym in the sqared brackets. Type "G[none]" if they do not have a particular affiliation.
Example: G[StN]

Roleplay Status

Roleplay Status
RP[n] You are not currently roleplaying as this Neopet.
RP[y] You are currently roleplaying as this Neopet.