Looking to help out? Here is how.

Something New

The greatest thing you can do to support the spirit of [x] StN [x] is to learn or create something new. It doesn’t have to be code, even though many of us were deeply into HTML and CSS due to PetPages. It just has to be something. Bonus points if you can then teach this to someone else.

  • See what resources are available at your local library.
  • Draw.
  • Write.
  • Wear a damn mask while in public spaces. 😷
  • - The spirit of Geocities. Create your own free website.
  • - Build fast, full-stack web apps in your browser for free.
  • automatetheboringstuff - For complete beginners to (Python) programming.
  • - Create and share beautiful images of your source code.

Images +

Want to add your artwork to this archive? Email your images with (1) descriptions and (2) how your would like to be attributed to:

Depending on the number of images you have, you can either have your own page(s) and/or galleries for each of your characters.

I am also interested in collecting screenshots, writing samples (if you’re comfortable), old guild layouts, old usernames and character names, banners, and other bits of graphic design. So if there isn’t a category yet, we can create one.

To This Site

The source code to this site is publically available for you to look at and contribute to. It is a static site that is being generated using Hugo. It’s hosted on GitHub for free.

A Feature or Suggestion

Don’t know how to contribute to the code directly? That’s okay! You can still create issues and feature requests without having coding knowledge. 🌼

I wasn’t a member, but…

If you were not a member of StN, you are still welcome and belong here. There is a pre-customization era creative guild clique that I am aiming this archive at that was far larger than StN. That said, previous membership is not a requirement. You can be a member now.